BLISS … as defined is the highest form of happiness. this one’s really blissful.

starts with a hand or foot or back scrub followed by a cleanser and moisturizer.

now comes the really good part, relaxing paraffin dip ( for hands and feet ) paraffin brush

( for back ).  the hotness may shock you at first but its actually needed for you to be

able to get the maximum benefits of the paraffin treatment. For one, its a deep moisturizer,

perfect ending for a hand or footspa especially if you have really dry skin or you just want

a super smooth hand ( for that holding hands ) and feet ( for that sexy feet ). And do’nt worry,

the temperature is controlled so you can be sure your not going to get first degree burns.

One more thing, do you know that paraffins are used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers

( not drugs ) as a hot compress foraching muscles, cases of strain and sprain and to improve

blood circulation in elderlies with arthritis? Yes that’s true. So its not just vanity and relaxation,

its actually good for you. Next time you drop by NAILFILES, why dont you try a hand paraffin bliss

for only P350 or a foot for P450 or back for P450 or PARAFFIN BLISS PACKAGE for P1250. Wait,

before you tell me that P1250 is too much, you have to know that with the package

you get hand, foot and back paraffin and best of all it comes with a FREE, yes you’re

reading it right FREE one hour and 30 minutes of NAILFILES SIGNATURE BODY MASSAGE.

now is’nt that the most blissful thing?

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