NAILFILES EXPRESS MASSAGE is your 30 minutes express way to

heavenly relaxation. you can have it either head and back or hand or foot.

We usually get request for EXPRESS BACK especially from students

either very early before they go to school or mid day during their breaks

although the EXPRESS FOOT is my personal favorite. We do get athletes too

come to us for EXPRESS HAND . its a great way to de stress especially

when you are in a hurry and you only have 30 minutes. It’s a good add on

service to complete your pampered mani-pedi too.

You get to close your eyes and take a quick nap … or long nap …

dont worry … we wont wake you up unless you specifically instructed the staff to do so …

for only P150.00, you can never go wrong with a NAILFILES EXPRESS MASSAGE.

in fact, If you only have 30 minutes to live … this is what you should be doing…

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