this body scrub is so good because it is so natural ( read: no chemicals ) , it would not hurt

your skin. all you get after is super smooth and glowing skin that screams touch me. for a start,

you are given a choice between two exfoliators: dead sea salt and yummy smelling brown

sugar and between two natural moisturizers: oatmeal and milk. yes, these are the same

stuffs you eat for breakfast. now you know, why i say it would’nt hurt your skin. then

you get mild cleansing with warm water and mild liquid cleanser to prepare your skin,

then the real scrub , then body oil to lock in moisture. Some clients would actually

request to take a bath after a scrub, but if you come to think of it, that is not a good

idea because of the moisture thing. The scrubbing process will not only

exfoliate your skin, it will also improve blood circulation ( better distribution of

nutrients … better skin … ) and relax your tense muscles. All that for only P450.00.

If you want to finish it off with a 1 HR NAILFILES SIGNATURE BODY MASSAGE and

PAMERED MANI-PEDI, go for PACKAGE 9. it will only cost you P900.00. that’s nothing

compared to the feeling of wellness you will have afterwards.

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